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Songs, sounds, software... a lot of my recent work has been with vocal & electronic duo solarference, combining traditional folk songs with live electronics. I program a lot of the performance software we use (mainly using MaxMSP). I write and produce my own songs under the name newton disc. I also design sound for animations, films, installations and especially theatre pieces, specialising in live improvised laptop performance.

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live film soundtrack

Solarference (Sarah Owen and I) have devised a new, partly improvised, live soundtrack to this classic 1920 silent film, built around folk song and live-sampled, live-transformed soundscape.

We toured this live soundtrack show to arts centres in South West UK during Spring 2014 - tour details on the Solarference website, here


Film by Pete Janaway of sculpture installation by Dandara Catete, soap and metal in water. Fully original sound design and music, using no location-recorded sounds.

live improv set 30/07/2014

Laptop performance (improvised textures and gestures and patterns, using various samples/recordings) at Bristol's monthly "Sound Cupboard" night at Clifton Fringe Bar - recorded with handheld device in audience.


Sound design for Animation - "Anorak" by Oliver Hamilton -

Premiered at Klik Festival Amsterdam 2013.
Chosen for Vimeo's "Staff Picks" page in June 2014.

folk and live electronics duo

I perform regularly with singer and electronic musician Sarah Owen as Solarference. We use home-made audio performance software made in Max/MSP, to sample and transform sounds of voices and objects, into organic and lyrical sound worlds. We base our material around traditional folk songs.

Performances and airplay include South Bank Centre, Bristol Colston Hall, Dartington Home Festival, Bristol Folk Festival, Radio 3 Late Junction. We received Fatea Music's Award for Innovation in Roots Music in 2012.

We have been making music together as Solarference since around 2008, and in late 2012 we released our first album Lips of Clay. We also remixed Mercury Music Prize nominated folk singer Sam Lee: have a listen below.

More information, music and videos available at


I collaborated with movement and performance artist Joe Wild on this sound and lip-synch and movement piece, based on recordings of William Burroughs reading from an unfinished graphic novel, which explores themes of time travel, the apocalypse, greed and misuse of ancient wisdom.

Presented at The Gate (Notting Hill, London) and The Yard (Hackney Wick, London) in May/June 2013.


Working with a dance company in Cornwall, I composed sound and music for a 30 minute live piece and 15 minute dance film, exploring the real-life mother-son relationship between the two performers, Lois Taylor and Jake Taylor-Bruce. The piece toured arts venues around Cornwall in late 2013, as well as Chisenhale Dance, London, and Nightingale Theatre, Brighton.

circus theatre, live music and sound design

Circus Theatre piece devised in collaboration with circus/movement artist Laura Moy, looking at themes of neighborliness, shyness and social ritual, presented at Wales Millennium Centre as part of their Incling/Incubator program.

live sound and performance for theatre

"Siamber Wen" was an immersive theatre piece incorporating elements of dance, circus, video, live music and song, based on Welsh folktales. It explored themes of family history, dark secrets and patterns that repeat over time.

As one of five performers, I perform live sound from a laptop within the audience space, but at times perform in scenes in the stage area. The music and sound is based on Welsh folksongs, found sounds, and live electronic manipulation.

"Siamber Wen" was developed and presented in 2010 at Sherman Theatre Cardiff and Chapter Cardiff, with support from Arts Council of Wales.


Sound design for "A Bad Day" animation by Hlín Davíðsdóttir.

I composed and realised the sound, working with a limited sonic palette consisting mainly of sounds made by balloons and the inside of a piano, in keeping with the minimal visual aesthetic and narrative.

installation - "Encrypt" at Southampton Bargate Gallery

First person Theatre was a group of sound artists and choreographers, making instruction-action-based headphone theatre. Our pieces usually involved more than one participant at a time, with synced-up headphone instructions leading them through interactions and different perspectives on joint experiences. This is an excerpt from one of our site-specific pieces at Southampton Bargate Gallery - video features Joe Wild and Ali Baybutt.